Our Story

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Suresh Kadavala, Shivrax Engineers stands at the forefront of salt upgrading, processing, and manufacturing, boasting over three decades of extensive expertise. With a profound commitment to excellence, we possess the capability to deliver precisely tailored salt products to meet the diverse needs of the global market.

Throughout our journey in the salt industry, our esteemed Chif Engineer, Mr. Suresh Kadavala, has amassed invaluable insights into salt processing and upgrading systems. Catering to a myriad of clients with varying requirements and stringent quality standards has fortified our understanding and proficiency in this domain.

Driven by a passion for innovation, Mr. Kadavala spearheaded the establishment of Shivrax Engineers, accompanied by the auxiliary expertise of Shivrax Chemtech (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.. Together, these entities epitomize our dedication to providing cutting-edge salt technology and consultancy services worldwide.

Recognizing the imperative for integrity and transparency in business practices, Mr. Kadavala resolved to establish a company rooted in authenticity, aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction through uncompromising salt quality.

Each salt pan region possesses its distinctive characteristics and salt compositions. However, the presence of impurities and variations in chemical composition necessitates the enhancement of salt purity to ensure suitability for both human consumption and industrial applications.

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