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We Offer our Consulting Services, Technologies and Machineries to serve the needs of Salt Industries Worldwide.


With three decades dedicated to the field of salt refining plants, we have been at the forefront of serving innovative solutions to enhance the quality standards of salt across the industry.

Professional Specialist: As professional specialists, we bring forth a wealth of experience and expertise, coupled with a repertoire of brilliant ideas aimed at revolutionizing the salt refining process. Our commitment to precision ensures that every aspect of our work is executed with meticulous attention to detail.

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Comprehensive Structural Solutions

We offer a diverse range of structural solutions, encompassing technology provision, structural modeling, meticulous analysis and design, detailed drawing creation, and precise material estimation for your plant projects. Additionally, we specialize in Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) structures.


Tailored Technologies for Salt Processing

Each salt processing requirement, whether it be for Double Fortified Salt, Low Sodium Salt, or other admixing salt varieties, demands a unique technological approach.


Advanced Processing Machinery and Equipment

Our offerings include top-of-the-line machinery and equipment for salt refining and grading, facilitating the enhancement of salt quality to meet your exacting standards.

Global Outreach

Embracing a Worldwide Strategy

The significant ramifications of costly salt refinement for both industrial applications and human consumption reverberate across salt-producing regions globally.

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How We Operate

Our team comprises experienced, innovative, and expert professionals dedicated to serving various categories of work.


Exploring Opportunities

Our team conducts on-site visits to evaluate raw materials and other inputs essential for processing, ensuring optimized project design.


Establishing Foundations

Upon completing the design phase, we assist in selecting structural materials and machinery to achieve the highest quality product output.


Project Deployment

Following the installation of equipment and machinery, we facilitate the smooth operation of the production line, ensuring the delivery of top-quality products.


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