Salt Upgradation

For 30 years, we’ve been leading the way in salt upgrading processes with unmatched quality. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to continually refine our techniques and set new standards. Quality isn’t just a goal for us—it’s our legacy.

Cutting-Edge Salt Refining and Processing Technology

Empower Your Salt Production to Achieve Excellence

Unlock the full potential of your salt with our state-of-the-art refining and processing technology. Let us guide you on the journey to transforming your salt into a premium product that exceeds industry standards.

With our expertise and innovative solutions, we’ll elevate your salt production to new heights of quality and profitability. Trust in our commitment to excellence as we harness the power of advanced technology to refine and process your salt to perfection.

Let’s Turn Your Salt Into the Prime Product

Experience the difference that precision engineering and unparalleled expertise can make. Contact us today to explore how our salt refining and processing technology can elevate your product to prime status in the market.

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Scope of Services:

  1. Operational Analysis: Comprehensive assessment of current processes.
  2. Optimization Strategies: Customized solutions to streamline workflows and reduce costs.
  3. Technology Integration: Implementation of advanced technologies to enhance performance.
  4. Training and Support: Ongoing support and training for your team to maintain peak efficiency.


  • Increased productivity and operational efficiency
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Sustainable long-term improvements

Global Outreach Our International Strategy The significant expenditure in refining salt for both industrial and human consumption stands as a primary concern for salt producers worldwide.

Delivering Optimal Cost-Effective Solutions Pioneering Affordable Technological Solutions Environmental Ramifications Stemming from Salt Impurities Pioneering Alternative Salt Processing Methods Streamlined and Productive Salt Processing Technique

Our Working Process



Join us now for expert consultation to boost your plant’s efficiency. At Shivrax Engineers, we specialize in optimizing your salt refining and upgrading processes. Don’t wait—partner with us today for peak performance and success.



Shivrax Engineers is pleased to offer our specialized consultancy services aimed at optimizing your salt refining and upgrading plant. Our expertise ensures enhanced operational efficiency, improved product quality, and overall productivity gains.



  • Equipment Installation: Expert installation of new machinery and technology upgrades.
  • System Integration: Seamless integration of new systems with existing operations.
  • Testing and Commissioning: Thorough testing to ensure optimal performance of installed equipment.
  • Maintenance Planning: Development of maintenance schedules to ensure long-term reliability.


Shivrax Engineers is excited to offer our specialized consultancy and inspection services aimed at optimizing your salt refining and upgrading plant. Our thorough inspections ensure that your operations are running at maximum efficiency, leading to improved productivity and product quality.

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