Salt Particle Grading (Sieving) System

Introducing the shivrax Screener Machine, a revolutionary innovation in the field of sieving applications.

This machine stands out due to its unique combination of features, promising unparalleled performance and efficiency. Unlike conventional screening systems, the Shivrax Screener utilizes a blend of gyratory motion and reciprocating action, resulting in a dynamic sieving process characterized by both circular and back-and-forth movements. This innovative approach not only ensures thorough material separation but also minimizes energy consumption, making it highly efficient in power utilization.

Combination of Gyratory and Reciprocating Motions

Gyratory with reciprocating motion combines the characteristics of both gyratory and reciprocating motions in a single screening machine. This innovative approach allows for a unique sieving action that incorporates both circular and back-and-forth movements.